STEMSOFT Certified Partner Application

The goal of STEMSOFT’s Certified Partner program is to help our clients identify complementary products or services that will be of benefit to them and ultimately assist them with finding the answers to the questions or unique need they have. If you feel you offer a complementary product or service that will benefit our Cell Therapy or Cord Blood Bank users please complete this online form to gain access to the STEMSOFT Certified Parter Program Application Package. STEMSOFT’s Certified Partner program is categorized into three specialized areas including:

  • Interface. This category is open to partners that offer a complementary product that can be electronically connected with STEMSOFT’s application(s) in a meaningful way to assist and streamline our clients’ workflow.
  • Consulting. Many clients require guidance and assistance through the implementation and validation of a STEMSOFT application, over and above the assistance that STEMSOFT is able to provide.
  • Supplier. This category is open to partners that provide consumables and equipment related to the cell therapy and/or cord blood banking field.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed by a team at STEMSOFT and carefully evaluated for a fit within our customer base. STEMSOFT will notify you of your Certified Partner status within 8 weeks of receipt.  Once accepted as a STEMSOFT Certified partner you will be provided with:

  • A STEMSOFT Certified Partner logo for your relevant marketing materials
  • A logo and weblink on STEMSOFT’s website
  • Release of your contact information to potential and existing STEMSOFT clients during pre-sales, sales and implementation phases
  • A complimentary registration into a group webinar introducing STEMSOFT’s product offering in closer detail
  • A question and answer session with a STEMSOFT expert to help get you the answers you require
  • Access to STEMSOFT’s experts during your project
  • Invitation to STEMSOFT events including previews of upcoming releases

If you are interested in reaching the cell therapy and cord blood banking marketplace by partnering with STEMSOFT please contact us to request your STEMSOFT Certified Parter Program Application Package.