Secure File Transfer

If you need to send us any confidential files, for example a database,  then STEMSOFT recommends using Citrix ShareFile. Sharefile is a secure file transfer service that complies with HIPAA and GDPR and is also as quick and easy to use as your own email account.



  1. Contact the STEMSOFT Support Team to request access to ShareFile
  2. Once your ShareFile location has been set up you will receive an activation email from ShareFile
  3. Click the Activate Account button in your email to register
  4. Login to 
  5. Upload, Download and Open the files you want to share and/or are shared to you from STEMSOFT
  6. If desired, subscribe to your Sharefile folder to receive an email you when a new file is added.  Simply check the box at the bottom of the screen to "Email me when a file is: Uploaded to this folder"
If you have any questions or run into any difficulties connecting to ShareFile please contact our Support Team at 1-800-671-3234.