STEMSOFT Software Inc. and JAF Consulting, Inc. Announce Collaborative Partnership

Released 30-Jan-2014

STEMSOFT Software Inc. (“STEMSOFT”), the leading provider of software solutions for the cell therapy and transplant community, and JAF Consulting, Inc. (“JAF”), a leading computer system validation and regulatory compliance company servicing clients in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Blood industries, today announced their collaborative partnership.  

As a STEMSOFT Certified Consulting Partner, JAF will provide STEMSOFT clients the opportunity to engage in JAF’s expertise and individualized computer validation, regulatory compliance and quality systems management services. With over 20 years of experience in the regulatory compliance industry JAF’s extensive knowledge will assist STEMSOFT clients in navigating software implementation to meet regulatory compliance expectations for computerized systems.  

“The STEMSOFT Certified Partner Program is designed to help our clients identify complementary products or services that will be of benefit to them; ultimately assisting them with finding the answers to the questions or unique needs they have,” states Mario Laszczak, STEMSOFT’s Director of Customer Experience and Operations. “The services offered by JAF are often requested by our clients and as such we are pleased to announce this new partnership.” 

STEMSOFT’s two decades of experience and expertise in providing cell therapy software solutions will offer JAF clients proven solutions to assist them in meeting the regulatory and accreditation needs for cell therapy and cord blood banking programs including FACT, AABB and ISBT. 

“Regulatory requirements and software are ever-changing. This collaborative partnership will provide JAF and STEMSOFT clients the best of both worlds,” said Joseph A. Franchetti, President of JAF Consulting, Inc. “JAF’s extensive regulatory compliance knowledge proven over 20 years in the industry will provide beneficial options for STEMSOFT clients seeking expert answers and solutions in how to achieve their regulatory goals.” Mr. Franchetti also stated, “We, at JAF, are very excited with this new effort and look forward to a long partnership with STEMSOFT.”  

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