Cord Blood Banks

Designed using STEMSOFT's 25 years of experience in supplying software solutions to the cord blood banking market STEMSOFT™ CORD provides you with a user-friendly solution to track all of your unique operational and manufacturing details in one location while assisting you with accreditation compliance, ensuring processing standardization and increasing access to your data. 

  • Provides You with ONE Complete Electronic Batch Record 
  • Works How You Want, Where You Want 
  • Empowers You to Add Capacity, Not Staff 
  • Maximizes Quality, Minimizes Errors 
  • Helps You Stay in Compliance

Donor Registration

Registering your donors has never been simpler with the ability to integrate registration directly with your website or directly attach scanned questionnaires within STEMSOFT.

Donor Tracking

You need to easily tie units to the correct donor and track numerous relationships involved in this process including the cord blood collector, related spouses, child(ren), clinicians and more. STEMSOFT makes tracking all the relationships you care about easy and even lets you view these relationships in multiple ways so no matter how you like to retrieve your answers you can!

Product Tracking

You need a flexible solution to seamlessly document the complete lifecycle for each of your units – STEMSOFT gives you the toolkit you need to do just that for every product, aliquot and sample including full chain of custody!

Accreditation Tools

Accreditation is vital to your program and with the constantly changing guidances and requirements it's hard to keep on top.  STEMSOFT monitors all relevant regulatory and accreditation frameworks so we can equip you with the tools you need to comply with HIPAA, FACT/JACIE, AABB, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures and more.


You need to save time and increase quality and what better way to do that then through barcoding! STEMSOFT can automate your throughput with built-in labeling to track your products, consumables and equipment including ISBT 128 and 2D symbology.


Quality and consistency are key – you need your team to follow your SOPs to a “t”. STEMSOFT will guide your team through your manufacturing processes electronically complete with automated calculations, links to SOPs and more.

Observation Tracking

You rely upon accurate and up-to-date data to make critical operational decisions and answer research questions. STEMSOFT provides you with the flexibility you need to document all the observations you care about including test results, verification activities, clinical outcomes, photos, files and more.

Lot-to-Lot Traceability

You are required to document full traceability of all your products and why use paper records when a recall complete with countless hours of work is inevitable? STEMSOFT easily documents full lot-to-lot traceability for each unit through a simple barcode scan including tools to heighten quality control by ensuring the use of items only in a good standing status and recalls streamlined with one click!

Materials Management

Products aren’t the only thing you need to also need to keep on top of every supply lot, sub-lot and kit. STEMSOFT includes integrated tools to document all of your consumables and supplies electronically including release processes, status and integrated barcode labeling.

Equipment Management

Manage equipment calibration and service tracking at a click of a button. Easily identify the status of each asset, remove equipment from service, trend equipment usage and see your full history of maintenance at a glance.

Storage Management

Being able to identify exactly where your units are located is imperative to your operations. STEMSOFT lets you electronically track all storage locations including unlimited hierarchies for each (i.e. every freezer rack, shelf, cassette, box...) making it easy for you to store or retrieve products without compromising integrity.

Reduce Errors

You want to reduce errors, eliminate redundancy and heighten quality in every facet of your laboratory. STEMSOFT can help.

Integrate STEMSOFT with existing systems and automated instruments to automatically feed in results, automate calculations and more!


You need a solution that will follow you from the receiving area to the lab, your desk, a meeting room, and everywhere in between. STEMSOFT lets you work how you want, where you want with convenient web-based access from any tablet or computer at your facility - no software to install or IT to call!


Your facility demands a solution that maintains the utmost in security and confidentiality. STEMSOFT increases data security with centralized installations directly on your servers or in the private cloud of your choice complete with full in-system audit trails, LDAP integration and more.

Data Analysis

Aggregating data is one thing but mining your data is key.  STEMSOFT keeps all your critical data elements in one place and lets you perform ad-hoc queries on the fly without having to be a report writing expert.  Automated and on-demand reporting is also included to provide you with your weekly program dashboard, quality indicators, completed paperwork and more.

Optional Capabilities

You can add these capabilities to your STEMSOFT solution when you need them. STEMSOFT offers you with the tools you need today with the vision to grow for the future.

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