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About Us

Our Story

At STEMSOFT, we are passionate about building software that supports effective, timely, and data-driven manufacturing and use of cell-based therapies. By creating innovative software solutions that enable cell therapy clinicians, laboratorians, and manufacturers to effectively manage clinical manufacturing and analyze outcomes, we empower healthcare providers to discover and deliver effective treatments.

STEMSOFT was founded in 1993 by Dr. Allen Eaves. Holding both an MD and PhD, Dr. Eaves spent the first half of his successful career as both a physician and a research scientist. He was the founding Director of the Terry Fox Laboratory for Hematology/Oncology research, is the former Head of Hematology at the British Columbia Cancer Agency and University of British Columbia, and remains the Founder, President, and CEO of STEMCELL Technologies, a global biotechnology company serving scientists globally. Dr. Eaves built one of the first and largest blood and bone marrow transplant programs in Canada and led a prolific research program, contributing over 200 peer-reviewed publications focused on leukemia research.

Early in his research career, after his search for a software solution to manage his transplant lab and clinical program came up empty, Dr. Eaves hired a software developer to build custom solutions to meet these needs. This was the start of STEMSOFT, which has since grown into a full-service software company that designs, develops, sells, and supports software for managing data in blood and bone marrow transplant centres, cord blood banks, and cellular therapy facilities globally. 

STEMSOFT is a privately held company with a 27-year (and counting) track record of stability, reliability, and innovation. Clients choose STEMSOFT because of the quality of our software and our commitment to ensuring that our products continually evolve to address new science, new medicine, new regulations, and new operational requirements. Our software is the most widely used in the cell therapy sector and is currently used to document approximately 20% of all blood and marrow transplants performed worldwide each year. More than 35% of our clients have maintained a relationship with STEMSOFT for at least ten years, and 10% of our clients have worked with us for more than 20 years.

STEMSOFT is a division of STEMCELL Technologies Canada Inc. STEMCELL supports life sciences research with more than 2,500 specialized cell culture media, cell separation technologies, instruments, accessory products, and scientific services that are used by biomedical scientists globally. Driven by a love of science and a passion for quality, STEMCELL is a company of Scientists Helping Scientists.

Our Team

Everyone at STEMSOFT has dedicated their careers to supporting the cell therapy field. Not only do we know and understand the research, regulatory, accreditation, manufacturing, and clinical aspects of this fast-moving and profoundly impactful field, we care deeply about making a difference in the world through effective and safe cell-based treatments for devastating diseases.  

 STEMSOFT employs a full-time, in-house product development team. We do not outsource software development, but rather work hard to secure the internal expertise required to ensure our products are designed, built, tested, and supported to meet the unique needs of cell therapy, cord blood, and other medical products of human origin. Our Consulting Subject Matter Experts all have 18 or more years experience in cell therapy and cell therapy informatics, and our Leadership Team has 10 to 25 years experience in cell therapy informatics.

 Learn more about  some of our staff below.

Why Choose STEMSOFT?

COMPLIANCE. STEMSOFT was the first commercial vendor to address cell therapy, the first to integrate with the IBMTR/ABMTR, the first to integrate with AGNIS, and the first to support ISBT for Cell Therapy. STEMSOFT conducts ongoing updates to the software to support technological, regulatory, and accreditation changes that affect the cellular therapy field, including FACT, JACIE, AABB, Part 11/Annex 11, HIPAA, GDPR, and cGMP.

FLEXIBILITY.  Supporting unlimited users, unlimited fields, and unlimited workflows, we configure our software to your needs.  

INDUSTRY SPECIALIZATION. Our software is designed specifically to address the consequences of using human cells—a unique, irreplaceable raw material. 

IN-HOUSE EXPERTISE. Our solutions are designed, developed, tested, and supported entirely in-house by a dedicated team. 

CONTACTLESS RECORDKEEPING. Whether you are working at a BSC, in a remote office, or from home, STEMSOFT products facilitate reliable, accurate, timely, complete, and unambiguous documentation and review from any modern browser. 

RESOURCES AND TRAINING. Live online training and consulting sessions supported by our extensive and comprehensive library of guidance materials, sample SOPs, reports, and resources ensures users get the most out of your STEMSOFT investment.

DEPENDABILITY AND SCALABILITY.  With almost three decades in the industry, we are committed to working with our clients through growing and evolving needs, and will be a partner in your business for the long term.

QUALITY. STEMSOFT is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. ISO