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Your Data. Your Way.

Comprehensive Software Solution for Cell Therapy Clinics

Your program relies on accurate and up-to-date data to aid in critical operational decisions. STEMSOFT CLINIC provides you with the toolkit you need to document and analyze all phases of patient care.

Features & Capabilities

Data Tracking, Analysis, and Reporting

STEMSOFT CLINIC provides the flexibility you need to document and analyze all of the data you care about. Perform ad-hoc queries on the fly,  create automated reports and dashboards to gain more insight into your program including , key quality indicators, mortality analyses, and more. Key features include:

  • Custom dashboards
  • CIBMTR reporting (AGNIS)
  • Custom reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Kaplan Meier survival curves
  • Interactive data visualizations
  • ASBMT RFI insurance reporting

Ensure Quality and Regulatory Compliance

STEMSOFT monitors all relevant regulatory and accreditation frameworks so we can equip you with the tools you need to comply with HIPAA, FACT/JACIE, AABB, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures and more. Key features include:

  • Accreditation tools
  • Audit trails
  • Automated software testing
  • Electronic signatures
  • Example SOPs
  • Forensic audit logs
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Validation education
  • Vendor IQ and OQ validation
  • Vendor performed installation

Data Integrity and Integration

Reduce errors and ensure accuracy with integrated tools to import and manage large volumes of data in a live database that does not require distribution of personal health information (PHI) outside of your facility. STEMSOFT CLINIC features:

  • Custom Integration
  • Data Migration
  • EMR Integration
  • FHIR Integration
  • LIS Integration

Enhanced Security and Quality Settings

Data security is increased with centralized installations directly on your servers or private cloud, full in-system audit trails, LDAP integration and more. Key features include:

  • Active Directory
  • On premise or cloud deployment
  • User management 
  • Role-based permissions
  • Forensic audit logs
  • On-Screen audit trails
  • 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures

Convenient Web-based Access

Work how you want, and where you want with the ability to access STEMSOFT CLINIC from any tablet or computer at your hospital. STEMSOFT CLINIC allows for:

  • On premise or local cloud deployment
  • Requires no software to install on user devices
  • Tablet-ready
  • Unlimited concurrent users
  • Unlimited site-wide user license
  • Vendor performed installation

Ongoing Training and Support

STEMSOFT offers remote and on-site customized training sessions for both new and experienced users to ease implementation and provide support for your evolving needs. Offerings include:

  • Access to in-house experts
  • Access to our Support Portal resources
  • Complementary product upgrades
  • Complementary technical support
  • Predictable and proven training program
  • Validation education

Optional and Extended Features

Extend your software functionality to meet your needs. STEMSOFT offers additional capabilities that can be easily installed to support the growth of your clinic.

EMR Interface

The STEMSOFT standardized HL7 v2 ADT interface instantly receives demographic and admission data from your existing hospital system into STEMSOFT to help save you time and increase the integrity of your data.

Data Import Toolkit

The STEMSOFT Data Import Toolkit is a command-line tool that supports bulk import of large volumes of legacy data and/or data collected outside of STEMSOFT into your STEMSOFT system. This toolkit can import data into a live database and does not require distribution of PHI outside of your facility.


The STEMSOFT FHIR® interface shares relevant, released product information from STEMSOFT LAB to your STEMSOFT CLINIC users using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, a modern, secure, and standards-compliant technology. This level of integration saves you time and increases the integrity of your data.

FHIR® is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International and the use does not constitute endorsement by HL7.

LIS Interface

The STEMSOFT standardized HL7 v2 ORU interface instantly receives lab test and other observation data from your existing hospital systems into STEMSOFT to help save you time and increase the integrity of your data.


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