Cell Therapy Labs

Designed using STEMSOFT's 20 years of experience in supplying software solutions to the cellular therapy laboratory market STEMSOFT™ LAB provides you with a user-friendly solution to track all of your unique operational and manufacturing details in one location while assisting you with accreditation compliance, ensuring processing standardization and increasing access to your data. 

This new solution comes out-of-the-box with a comprehensive step-by-step manufacturing workflow which means implementations are measured in weeks not months. STEMSOFT LAB:

  • Provides You with ONE Complete Electronic Batch Record 
  • Works How You Want, Where You Want 
  • Empowers You to Add Capacity, Not Staff 
  • Maximizes Quality, Minimizes Errors 
  • Helps You Stay in Compliance 
  • Offers a Predictive Implementation

Product Tracking

Document all products, aliquots and samples including full chain of custody.

Accreditation Tools

Accreditation is vital to your program and with the constantly changing guidances and requirements it's hard to keep on top.  STEMSOFT monitors all relevant regulatory and accreditation frameworks so we can equip you with the tools you need to comply with HIPAA, FACT/JACIE, AABB, GxP, 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures and more.

Data Analysis

Integrated tools to provide you with the data you want in the format you desire.


Product, consumable and equipment barcode label generation including ISBT 128.

Materials Management

Integrated consumable and equipment inventory tracking including full traceability.

Observation Tracking

Document all related observations including test results, batteries, files and more.

Patient Tracking

Document all related patients and donors including relationship to product.

Storage Management

Electronic tracking for all storage locations including unlimited hierarchies.

Optional Capabilities

You can add these capabilities to your STEMSOFT solution when you need them. STEMSOFT offers you with the tools you need today with the vision to grow for the future.

Case Study

The Client

The Blood Connection

The Need

"We needed to improve our workflow related to documentation of our processes and review of records. The amount of information being documented by the lab continued to increase and review became cumbersome."

The Solution

"We chose STEMSOFT because..."

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