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STEMSOFT Continues ICCBBA Licensed Vendor Status

By February 18, 2022November 28th, 2022News

STEMSOFT is pleased to announce our renewal and continued support as an ICCBBA Licensed Vendor. The STEMSOFT product line includes the templates, updates and toolkits necessary to implement and generate ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy labels at time of collection, processing and/or distribution. STEMSOFT LAB and STEMSOFT CORD (where applicable) come complete with built-in label templates maintained in line with the ICCBBA Technical Standards including:

  • ISBT 128 Vial (38x19mm)
  • ISBT 128 Partial (51x51mm)
  • ISBT 128 Partial (95x38mm)
  • ISBT 128 Full Product (100x100mm)
  • EU ISBT 128 Full Product (100x100mm)
  • ISBT 128 NMDP (100x100mm)
  • ISBT 128 Full Product for Cellular Therapy Manufacturing (CT) (100x100mm)

Geoff Browne, Managing Director of STEMSOFT, states, “We were the first cellular therapy vendor licensed to support the ISBT 128 standard and we remain committed to helping our clients rapidly and easily adopt these standards, ensuring that cell therapy products can be safely and consistently identified.”

In addition to supporting ISBT 128 Cellular Therapy label generation, STEMSOFT supports label auditing and reconciliation; access to mock SOPs and supporting resource documentation for local use; and built-in support for reading the barcodes on previously labeled ISBT 128 products to ease data entry and heighten data integrity. 

STEMSOFT LAB offers a workflow-driven, configurable, commercial-off-the-shelf electronic batch process record that is designed to provide you with one place to document and analyze your product data. This powerful platform can capture your complete product lifecycle regardless of cell source and clinical stage, saves time documenting full traceability via barcode scan, assists with operational management tasks through integrated materials and equipment management tools, supports Part 11 and Annex 11 electronic signatures, offers dynamic data visualizations and dashboards, and helps get your team up and running with a proven training program complete with commendable content and editable example SOPs. Book your demo today to learn more on the benefits STEMSOFT can offer your facility.