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STEMSOFT Announces Release of New BMT Clinic Software Solution

By March 12, 2014December 12th, 2022News

STEMSOFT Software Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new BMT cellular therapy transplant software solution, STEMSOFT CLINIC. This new system efficiently manages all patient and donor information in one location complete with an available BMT registry submission and retrieval process for all available forms using the CIBMTR AGNIS system.

STEMSOFT CLINIC is designed to save the BMT team time while enhancing quality through compliance with strict data security standards including full on-screen electronic audit trails developed in line with FACT accreditation guidelines.

“STEMSOFT CLINIC offers a family of individual capabilities designed to meet the full needs of the BMT program. Each capability can be enabled by the user as and when desired providing BMT programs with a scalable solution that can meet the ever-changing demands of this unique environment over time,” states STEMSOFT President and CEO, Rob Fuller.

To mark the launch of STEMSOFT CLINIC, a contest was recently held at the annual BMT Tandem Meetings in Texas. STEMSOFT is happy to congratulate Naquisha Knights of the Montefiore Medical Center BMT program in New York, USA winner of a complementary one-year subscription to STEMSOFT CLINIC.

This new product launch follows the recent release of STEMSOFT LAB and STEMSOFT CORD which are designed to provide cell processing laboratories with a complete electronic batch process record for streamlined product and workflow management.

To learn more about STEMSOFT CLINIC, attend the live introductory webinar on April 8th. To register for this event or learn more about STEMSOFT please visit

About STEMSOFT Software Inc.: 

STEMSOFT Software is a leader in the field of medical informatics and provides end-to-end solutions for information management, quality assurance and regulatory compliance for the cell therapy, cord blood and transplant market. STEMSOFT’s current product portfolio includes specialized software for cell therapy manufacturers, cord blood banks and for blood and marrow transplantation centers. For more information on STEMSOFT visit

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Nicole Waidman
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